COARE Architecture specialises in architectural, interior and environmental design. Serving a diverse group of clients, we work on a variety of architecture, renovation and interior projects, from commercial areas such as offices, practices, reception areas, warehouses and showrooms to schools and healthcare institutions. The diversity of the projects we take on and the designs we make is reflected in the diversity of people who use them. Every project is different and every client has specific needs, wishes, ideas and unique ways of interacting with their environment. Concepts as ambitions, engagement, well-being, privacy and comfort can mean different things to different clients. In order to create solutions that suit all of our clients’ needs perfectly, it is important, if not essential, to involve as many users as possible.

In the early stages of our projects, COARE runs specially developed workshops. Through interactive sessions with employees, students or residents, the conditions that the design must meet are explored. This requires input from representatives of all organisational levels, from directors and managers to the receptionists, canteen staff or people out in the field. During these workshops, the participants are asked to respond to, or make a selection from, a series of images. Their selections are analysed, discussed and summarised in keywords. This information provides essential context from which to start the design process 


and is incorporated into the final design. The first benefit of this approach is the creation of a support base. When users feel heard and acknowledged, they are more likely to embrace a new design. But the greatest benefit is that the design will effectively meet the needs of its intended users. As a consequence, the space or environment becomes a significant contributing factor in achieving the goals set by the client.