The Japanese company Takeda thought it was time for a new and fresh office. The company has focused on drug development and delivery for over 235 years. Its purpose is to cure patients and / or improve their quality of life. They do this from all over the world, namely in no fewer than 80 countries. Nowadays you can also find them in the sustainable Pharos building in Hoofddorp.


In the meantime, you could say that we are very close to home there. We previously realized the atrium of the building and during the renovation of Takeda we also realized the restaurant of Pharos (Cape Karpa) on behalf of Cairn Real Estate. This certainly worked in our favor, says Rob Oomen (Director of COARE Realization): "Before the renovation of Takeda started, we had already completely furnished the construction site through the previous work." "


Takeda's wish was to move to their new office on December 1, and thanks to us this wish has become reality. The project was completed in just three months. And before the complete completion, we already granted Takeda access to the space, so that they could already put their ICT systems in order. "We especially had to consult a lot online, in connection with Covid-19. That took some getting used to. Drawings and explanations have therefore become even more important, "said Rob.


In this project, the strengths of COARE Architecture and COARE Realization were once again combined. Click here to read more about Takeda's architecture.