The American software company Nutanix settled in the Pharos building at the beginning of this year. They help companies modernize their data centers and run applications at any scale, on-premise and in the cloud.


The listed company had already drawn up a plan together with the architectural firm Olivier Architecten. COARE Realization was then asked to think along with the process as a transparent realization partner and to subsequently actually realize everything. We started by thinking about a logical construction process and making a project plan. This process went very smoothly, because there was a culture between all parties involved of openness and clear transparent communication.


Of course, a software company also requires an optimally functioning ICT infrastructure. During the run-up period we paid a lot of attention to this - in collaboration with the project manager of Nutanix, Martin Stok. This has led to a fantastic result.


The project was completed in 4.5 months and we are proud of that as a company. In this short time frame, we have transformed 3000 square meters of office floors into an acoustically high-quality and climate-technically advanced office. For example, we used a climate ceiling and acoustic wall cladding. As a result, the people at Nutanix are always assured of an optimal climate and a draft-free working environment. And when people feel comfortable somewhere, we are of course only really satisfied.