The Japanese company Takeda thought it was time for a contemporary and fresh office. The company has focused on drug development and delivery for over 235 years. Its purpose is to cure patients and / or improve their quality of life. They do this from all over the world, namely in no fewer than 80 countries. Nowadays you can also find the leading company in the sustainable Pharos building in Hoofddorp.


This is certainly not unknown territory for us, because COARE Realization already realized the atrium of Pharos. During the project, we even worked on the property's final restaurant, commissioned by Cairn Real Estate. For the interior design of Takeda, the forces of COARE Architecture and COARE Realization were once again joined. The interior design is partly inspired by Japan. Interior designer Britt van Dam (COARE Architecture) says: "We have tried to really create an atmospheric experience. And by using, for example, light bamboo wood and a beautiful blossom tree, you can subtly see where the roots of the company lie.


"When you step into the room, the blossom tree in the center of an ellipse is the first thing you notice. And where can you find a blossom tree that "blooms" all year round? From all directions you have access to the "inspirational garden," as this place is so beautifully baptized. It has been tried to apply principles from Feng Shui teachings everywhere in the office. For this we called in the help of Aniel Ramjanam (Feng Shui consultant). For example, together with Ramjanam we came up with the water feature. According to him, running water attracts positive energy and has a calming effect.


The project on the fifth floor was realized under the direction of Rob Oomen (COARE Realization).