Insurance company Scildon knew it immediately after a visit to ARAG in Leusden: COARE was also allowed to design and renovate with them. Years ago, COARE designed the entire office building differently at ARAG. That is why it was the turn of the three-storey building in Hilversum at the beginning of this year.


The challenge in this project was mainly due to the fact that the Scildon office building was very dated in terms of furnishing. People were hidden in corners and behind walls and there was no pleasant open working atmosphere. When designing the interior, we therefore looked at how we could solve this as effectively as possible. Through workshops with people from all levels of the organization, we got a clear view of the wishes and desires within the company. A fresh and open working environment has now been created, which means that employees work in a completely different way and feel much more pleasant.


Once the design was approved, COARE Realization got to work. During this process there was a lot of consultation with our colleagues from COARE Architecture. For the transparent tendering process, we invited various parties who came to inspect the site. After presenting the results of the tendering process, we put together the construction team and got to work.


The office building was realized in three phases. In this way people could continue to work in the building during the renovation. Ultimately, one of the three floors - partly thanks to the redesign of the office space - was redundant, which they are now going to rent out to another party.


Rob Oomen (Director of Realization at COARE) still knows what they encountered in the beginning. “Over the years, a lot of work has been done on the technical installations and there were many complaints about drafts from the employees. By applying airsocks and re-adjusting the installations, a pleasant climate comfort has been created again. ''


Scildon is also very happy with the end result. Kees Hillhorst (facility manager at Scildon) says: “All colleagues are very enthusiastic! We have gone from a typical 90s office design to a completely different atmosphere. '' Despite the corona crisis, the project was completed in eight months.