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You will find Merlin's new sleek building along the A2 near Breukelen. The people who work here are engaged in the design, distribution and maintenance of money testers. A beautiful end result has been created in collaboration with the fine team of Mies Architectuur.


There had to be a warm and chic interior. The people at Merlin were keen to bring a little bit of luxury into the office. The fabrics and materials that have been used therefore give a 'hotel feeling'. The use of earth tones in combination with deep dark green has created a very pleasant atmosphere. When you take a seat in the canteen you sit under glass lamps with a warm tone and you can enjoy lunch on the pleasant fabric and leather chairs. What is also immediately noticeable is that a lot of light enters, giving you a cool view of the racing cars. Waving to someone you know will not happen, because we have used special glass. This way we can optimally regulate the temperature inside.


The great thing about this project was that we not only designed the interior, but were also the ultimate contractor (COARE Realization). This meant that there were short lines of communication and that things were quickly arranged internally. We were therefore able to deliver the project in six months.


The end result is therefore beautiful according to interior designer Joost de Man (COARE Architecture). “I am very proud of this surprising and unique office that does not feel like an office. This made the project extra challenging for me. '' In addition, all facilities are available in the building. This way you can exercise and - so fresh for your colleagues of course - take a shower afterwards. We wish the people of Merlin a lot of job satisfaction in their new environment!

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