From Empty Building to Modern Working Environment in Ten Weeks

COARE has been working with Alliander for years. On Friday 10 December, our builders delivered a brand-new core office for the company at the Basisweg in Amsterdam. Thanks to a tightly organised construction process and fine cooperation with the client, we managed to complete this operation in just ten weeks.

COARE Architectuur and COARE Realisatie, in co-creation with various departments of Alliander, came up with a working environment where light, openness and transparency predominate. The starting points in the design are increasing the vitality of the employees, their manoeuvrability and decisiveness, and a sustainable and cost-efficient working environment. The most important goal was to create a place where colleagues within Alliander can work together in peace and quiet. We, therefore, opted for many natural and sustainable materials, such as CO2-absorbent paint and circular floor coverings. In addition, 90% of the furniture was reused. The colours and materials are in harmony with nature because that is what we all experience as pleasant.

Recycled materials give character to the interior

Every person is different and that is what makes us so diverse and strong as a collective. In the design, we have therefore provided different types of workplaces, from open to secluded, so that everyone can find a pleasant place to work and meet. The video call units and meeting cubes that we installed are easy to move so that the office can continue to evolve with the needs of the end-user. Also in an as yet unpredictable future, in which hybrid working will be a permanent feature. We also consider this to be sustainable, circular, agile and cost-efficient.