The Gruyterhuys: An Office Villa That Evokes the Feeling of Working From Home

Updated: Jun 24

We are currently putting the finishing touches to the transformation of De Gruyterhuys. The owner of the stately office villa in the heart of 's-Hertogenbosch asked us to upgrade the monumental building to a contemporary working environment that gives users the comfort of working from home and allows them to connect with each other in a natural and relaxed manner.

The owner's ambition is clear: The Gruyterhuys should become a modern office villa where entrepreneurs feel at home, are provided with all conveniences and can meet each other informally, but with respect for the historical character. That is why we took inspiration for our design from the original interior of the listed building dating from 1910. We asked a restoration agency to search for the original colours with special tools. We then complemented the palette with a contemporary counterbalance of shades, creating a warm, modern yet classic look and feel.

Photo De Gruyterhuys B.V.

With our design, we want to evoke a feeling of working at home in the office. A feeling of home ensures that users experience a connection with the place and with each other. That is why we chose wallpaper, rich fabrics and intimate atmospheric lighting. In addition, we designed cosy meeting spaces on the ground floor where tenants can come together, such as a large kitchen and two comfortable, but differently furnished boardrooms. To increase the flexibility of the building, we restored a number of original passageways and connections, so that office spaces can be rented separately or linked together. This enables the owner and tenants to use the classic building with its limitations as flexibly as possible. We also renewed the installations, making the indoor climate much more pleasant.

We already look back on a pleasant and transparent cooperation with our client. This month, our builders will carry out the final work. In the meantime, the building will remain open, so the realisation requires continuous coordination with the current tenants in order to keep the inconvenience to a minimum. Once all that is behind us, a stylish, monumental city villa will be enjoying its second youth. A building that exudes history, but is technically and architecturally completely up to date. The great thing about all this is that we will be able to experience the end result ourselves, because as of 1 February, COARE is one of the tenants of De Gruyterhuys.