Getting Started for Sleepfast

A memorable moment last Wednesday, when we signed the contract for the construction of a new hall and office for bed shop Sleepfast in Nijkerk. Within three weeks, we will start preparing the plot for building.

Business is going well for Sleepfast, with shops in Rotterdam, Huizen and Lunteren, and a strong online branch. So well, in fact, that it is time to expand the head office in Nijkerk. Together with Mies Architectuur, who is responsible for the design, we are building a new distribution hall and office space for the bed company. COARE is responsible for the realisation and coordination of the contracting parties, including De Vreeden Installatietechniek and MIRvA Elektrotechniek. In order to harmonise the design and construction as closely as possible, we investigated with the architects how we could carry out the construction more cost-efficiently, for example through alternative use of materials. We succeeded - without compromising the design. We are very excited to get started here. The complex is scheduled for completion at the end of this year.