Co-Creating New Industrial Heritage in Maarssen

Our builders went into Christmas with a good feeling. On 24 December, we delivered a new, sustainable production hall and office environment for the Maarssen metal producer Qumey.

COARE was asked by Mies Architectuur, the office responsible for the design, to take on the realisation and the layout of Qumey's office area. In doing so, we stayed true to our mission: creating a meaningful environment that generates power for our client. This is reflected, among other things, in the robust, industrial look and feel of the office interior, which we were inspired by the steel craftsmanship that has been rooted in this location for fifty years.

What made this project special was the co-creation in which Qumey acted as both client and supplier. The family business co-designed and delivered the steel construction of the new building. Also during the realisation phase, co-creation and transparency remained important in order to meet challenges such as increased material prices. Thanks to an open process, in which we learned a lot from each other, we can look back on a beautiful collaboration with Mies Architectuur and Qumey, which is completely ready for the 21st century.