Building a Bicycle Shed Next to the Busiest Railway Track in the Netherlands

At the end of March, COARE Realisatie delivered a brand-new bicycle shed for the employees of the NS head office right next to Utrecht Central Station. Working right next to the railway tracks in the middle of the city was a nice challenge for our builders.

COARE has been working for and with the Dutch Railways for years. When the municipality of Utrecht wanted to build a new parking facility for 180 bicycles next to the head office, the NS nominated COARE Realisatie as main contractor. It was up to us to bring the design by architectural firm VenhoevenCS to life. The end result: a bicycle shed in the heart of Utrecht with a real roof garden that blends seamlessly into the surroundings.

The biggest challenge of the building process was the logistics. Even though it is "only" a bicycle shed, building in the middle of the city near the busiest railway track in the Netherlands requires a sharp eye for safety and tight project coordination with the municipality, the fire brigade and the NS itself. Thanks in part to open and transparent communication, we had a pleasant building process and are extremely proud of the final result.