An Interior Like a Tidal Stream

Yesterday, a special project was completed in the Duinhal shopping centre in Almere. Here, we brought together the surf and winter sports shop VANDENBERG and the restaurant Zuyder in an inspiring manner into one fluid space that can move with the seasons.

COARE was involved in the project from the sketch design to the realisation phase. Kai and Didier van den Berg of surf and winter sports shop VANDENBERG and hospitality entrepreneur Gladys Camphuijsen commissioned us to create an inviting experience space of 1,000 square metres in which shopping, eating and drinking come together. After talks with both parties, we translated their needs into a design in which we smoothly united two visual extremes. On the one hand, the soft, warm interior of Zuyder which immediately evokes a beach feeling; on the other hand, the austere, no-nonsense look-and-feel of VANDENBERG which makes the colourful assortment stand out even more. In the entrance area leading to the shop, we built a large wave which attracts attention and takes you into the story of co-founder and windsurfer Stephan van den Berg, who became world champion four times and won Olympic gold in 1984. Large projections with live images of beaches and new products create an interior that is always in motion.

A central element in the design is an undulating partition between shop and restaurant, which, like a tidal current, allows the entire space to change with the time of day. This idea came from our clients and we elaborated it further. The partition, which is inspired by the organic architecture of the Duinhal, the beach and the dune landscape of the surrounding neighbourhood, consists largely of wooden slats that can be opened during the day. This creates a visual connection between VANDENBERG and Zuyder and the space becomes one whole. In the evening, when the shop is closed, the closed blinds ensure an intimate, cosy atmosphere in the restaurant.

The biggest challenge in this project was working with a challenging budget, which meant that during the process we had to adjust the design on a number of points. By communicating openly and transparently about this, a close bond of trust was established with our clients. Thanks to their infectious enthusiasm and unbridled ambition, we can look back on a joyful and special collaboration.