-Coare - Groningen - Modulair Bouwen-Lin
-Coare - Groningen - Modulair Bouwen-Lin
-Coare - Groningen - Modulair Bouwen-FUL
-Coare - Groningen - Modulair Bouwen-Lin
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NS Haren



At the beginning of this year, COARE was commissioned to set up a modular office for NS in a short period of time. This was necessary because a new service platform had to be built due to the renovation of Groningen station. A great challenge that we naturally seized with both hands in collaboration with the Dutch Railways.


Due to the short time frame, we had to work smart. And we succeeded, because by building modularly we achieved a time savings of up to twelve weeks (compared to traditional construction). The project had a somewhat long run-up, but once we were called in, the rest went very smoothly. So smoothly, in fact, that many of the related parties reacted very surprised. '' Of course we already knew that it is nice to work with you, but the people around us were very surprised at the speed and your quality of your actions, '' says Jan Malenstein (project manager at NS).


In one day's time, the space was therefore placed hull by us and the project was then completed in accordance with the requirements within five weeks. Every time an exciting moment for us, the completion of a project. But with such a satisfied response from our client, we can't help but be a little proud ourselves!