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Livio Bleekhof


COARE has designed and carried out multiple projects for healthcare provider Livio. Livio offers care and nursing services to full-time or temporary residents at various locations in the Twente and Achterhoek regions. Just like other care providers, Livio faces challenges due to changing demands of the care sector, regulatory and healthcare financing reforms, vacancy and staff shortage. In addition, Livio's buildings were outdated and there was a lack of contact with residents. We needed to look for a solution that would help Livio meet the care needs of each resident and re-establish a connection between care facilities and the neighbourhoods where they are located. This called for an innovative care concept. 


COARE's primary goal was to create an attractive place that would feel like home and where not only Livio staff, but also residents, guests, family members, carers and volunteers feel happy and safe. The communal living rooms and dining rooms were refurbished, where needed facility spaces such as kitchens were relocated to improve efficiency, and also the hallways were included in the new design. Furthermore, the communal areas were refurbished to allow for rental to local organisations such as physiotherapists, tax consultants, the neighbourhood supermarket, and home care institutions. This way, these spaces also serve an important function within the community. The décor and furnishings have been well thought out, up to the choice of pots in the kitchen and art in the hallways. The lengthening waiting lists are a testament to the success and effectiveness of the changes made. For COARE, the project has been a special and inspiring one. With its proactive attitude, desire to innovate, forward-looking perspective and independence of government policy, Livio has set an example for the rest of the care sector.