KLM Topside



COARE Architecture is one of the two creative partners that has been commissioned by KLM for its Way of Working project. The aim of project is to forge a closer connection between staff and KLM's various departments and divisions. In simple terms, a distinction can be made between above-wing staff and below-wings staff. Above-wing services are focussed on the passenger. This is the domain of the pilots and cabin crew. Below-wing services include baggage handling and fuelling. KLM wants to bring these worlds closer together. 


To bring the above-glamour to the runway, the Topside Building at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol will be revitalised. An area of around 5,000 m2 will be modernised for use by some 4,000 employees in charge of baggage handling and aircraft push-back and towing on the adjacent platform. COARE Architecture has also been commissioned for the revitalisation of the building of KLM Catering Services. The airline caterer is partially located at Schiphol-Centrum, in what used to be the biggest building of the Netherlands in Schiphol-Oost. This project is still in its start-up phase. In addition to implementing the Way of Working philosophy, it is important that the designs contribute to an efficient and challenging work environment. ​


To be continued soon!

Annette van Citters Fotografie_20200130_
Annette van Citters Fotografie_20200130_