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The Hague University of Applied Sciences

Dutch Innovation Factory

From margarine factory to Dutch Innovation Factory. COARE Realisation worked with three clients on this project: The Hague University of Applied Sciences, the Municipality of Zoetermeer and the property investment company that purchased the old factory. The aim of this project was to give the location a new impulse and create an inspiring place for technology companies, educational institutions and start-ups to share knowledge. The three parties could not agree on a joint vision for the empty and bare warehouse that was to be the new centre for learning, and asked COARE Realisation for support. 


Firstly, we made a list of requirements and wishes of all the parties involved. Through 3D visualisations and mood boards, we explored designs and concepts that would retain and celebrate the industrial character of the warehouse. This helped to get all parties on board and excited about our proposed design. 


In the design, the offices and classrooms of The Hague University of Applied Sciences are spread out over two floors. The floors are connected by staircases, which accentuate the building's height and open character. Our vision was to leave the history of the building visible. The openness is reminiscent of a time when trucks drove into the warehouse for loading or unloading. The lively work café with a casual, café-like ambiance is situated in the central area. This is a place where students, start-ups and tech companies can gather and share knowledge. There are also conference rooms that can be rented individually. The building has been playfully named the Dutch Innovation Factory, connecting the history of the past to the present. Now a popular hangout and entrepreneurial hotbed, this part of Zoetermeer is attracting creatives, tech firms and students in droves.