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Data provider Graydon commissioned COARE Realisation to carry out two projects. The first project was the full-scale renewal of two floors of Graydon's Belgian office of in Antwerp. The collaboration was so successful that COARE Realisation was also asked to manage the extensive renovation of its Amsterdam office. 


Amsterdam-based agency Feld. was responsible for both designs in which light, openness, colour and connection play a central role. The existing, mostly outdated office spaces were transformed into open wall-less spaces, some of which separated by glass partitions. For the interior, we aimed to find a solution that combined incorporating new elements with using existing furniture to as great extent as possible.


During the renovation, the offices remained open and inconvenience was kept to a minimum. Both projects were completed on time and within budget. The pleasant work atmosphere between COARE, the client and our dedicated project partners and suppliers were all contributing factors to their success.