Computer company Dell wanted its new work environment to reflect a new, more collaborative flexible way of working. Dell wanted to move away from a traditional private office toward an open plan work-environment with flexible workspaces, where people actively collaborate and share ideas. At the same time, the design had to include intimate seating areas and quiet workspaces and conference rooms to provide privacy in the open office setting. The space also had to include a reception area, auditorium, showroom, training facilities and administrative department.


During the design phase, it soon became obvious that the new, more flexible way of working required less surface area. The 7,000 m2 of rented floor space could be reduced to 5,000m2, considerably reducing monthly costs. To achieve further cost savings as well as environmental benefits, we opted for a circular approach. Old desks were given a new life as benches and casual meeting spaces, and many pieces of furniture and materials were reused in other parts of the design. 


Despite the fact that Dell's new office is smaller than the old one, the new, open-plan layout and refurbishment make it look spacious. Dell also asked us to create a workplace with a homely and cosy atmosphere to boost staff collaboration and satisfaction. Now employees who predominantly worked from home or at client sites keep turning up at the Amsterdam office.