NS Noordzicht


COARE Architecture is the dedicated partner of NS, the Dutch Railways. Our collaboration started with the revitalisation of NS' regional office in the heart of Eindhoven. Since then, we have completed 14 successful projects. NS has guts, is open to challenges and committed to keep on innovating. Although NS gives COARE Architecture the freedom and confidence to lift projects to a higher level.


we are of course not given total carte blanche. There are always requirements that must be met, for instance when it comes to planning, budget and components of the schedule of requirements. Having said that, NS places great value on creating work environments that promote teamwork, while keeping these requirements in mind. NS has a future-oriented vision in which inclusiveness plays an increasingly important role. 


In view of its wide range of activities and diverse workforce, delivering on this requirement is not an easy task and a new challenge every time. Collaboration does not mean the same thing to everyone, and some people are more open to teamwork than others. In order to map the different needs and requirements, we conducted a series of workshops in which the majority of employees took part. Everyone was given the opportunity to voice their ideas and concerns. This process provided us with useful feedback and were able to incorporate the feedback into designs that resonated with everyone. The design for the Eindhoven regional office consisted of transforming the traditional office environment into an open-plan, collaborative workplace with interconnecting zones. While each zone has a unique own look and feel that fits the needs of the users, the open-plan concept encourages communication and gathering with employees. The design features areas that can be used as conference rooms. Some are set up as living rooms, others are furnished as traditional offices. In this design, as in many other designs for NS, we have created a synthesis between work and relaxation in the form of coffee corners and break rooms. Non-workspace areas, such as cleaning rooms, have also been considered. 


The concept of the design is based on the sustainability and reuse of materials. Old train compartments found their way into the interior and coat hooks were reused.  Waste bins from old trains were used to make a sustainable plant wall: a real eye-catcher.