Primary School De Klokkenberg


In Nijmegen, on the former site of a Roman army camp, a new premises was built by COARE Realisation to accommodate primary school De Klokkenberg. The design of architectural firm Bendien/Wierenga comprises two ellipse-shaped two-storey towers, connected by an entrance and central hall. The two towers are a playful reference to the heritage of this, somewhat higher, location.  ​


COARE Realisation was responsible for demolishing the old school, project management and the construction of the new school. The unique design called for careful budgeting and creative solutions. In addition, the client wanted the project to be done as sustainably as possible. In order to do so, sustainable procurement was a factor that was taken into close consideration during the tendering process. 


COARE involved the school board throughout the entire process, from demolition to final completion. This degree of transparency provided the board with insight into both planning and budget, allowing them to make well-considered choices at every stage of the building process. This resulted in, among other things, a sophisticated heating system which, together with the right insulation, helps keep ventilation, cooling and heating costs to a minimum. This solution guarantees long-term sustainability.