Grid operator Alliander commissioned COARE Architecture to revitalise its 23,000-m² head office, Bellevue, in Arnhem. It is the biggest project aimed at integrating sustainability into an existing property to date. Twenty workshop were organised to arrive at a design that matched the specific requirements of the users. Alliander employees and sustainability experts were given the opportunity to share what their ideal work environment looked like, and how sustainability should be implemented in order to make a difference. Their input was incorporated into an initial design concept.


To ensure the design, and the final result, not only fulfilled but exceeded the strict sustainability requirements we set for ourselves, the design was reviewed by top specialists in the field of circularity and sustainability. An exciting endeavour, one which required complete openness on both our strengths and weaknesses. The experience taught us a great deal and inspired us to apply the knowledge gained immediately. And it enabled us to further improve some aspects of the design. Furthermore, nothing that came out of the building was wasted; everything was reused. What's more, the office building is largely self-sufficient thanks to the use of solar panels and aquifer thermal energy storage. Bellevue is unique, in every aspect. 


The design of the building consists of four different zones. The central, open square is a place where people can gather for quick, informal meetings. Light and colour are a central element of the dynamic studio, which features workspaces. For more privacy, this zone branches off into separate rooms for quiet work environments. And finally, there's the peaceful and serene setting of the library. The concept developed by COARE Architecture is all about flexibility. With a few simple changes, the areas can take on a new life to meet any changing needs.