ABN AMRO bank consists of three divisions that operate more or less independently of each other: Private Banking, Retail and Commercial Banking. The divisions have their own offices and distinctive characters. It is ABN AMRO's ambition to integrate the three divisions into one, with a single look and feel. This integration also means the number of physical locations can be reduced from 130 to around 60. COARE Architecture is a partner within the design team responsible for this project. 


Circularity and sustainability are of primary importance to ABN AMRO. ABN AMRO aims to be a frontrunner in this area through actively promoting sustainable solutions, bringing waste full circle and increasingly working with partners with the same ambitions. COARE is not only responsible for the aesthetic quality of the design, but also for ensuring the design concept does justice to ABN AMRO's circular ambitions. 


COARE's specific knowledge and expertise in sustainable architecture and our unique approach played a role in why our company was chosen to design this project. Lack of knowledge of the impact of sustainable or circular measures leads to a non-specific and cost-ineffective approach. Our proven approach is a practical one, focussed specifically on the reuse and lifecycles of construction elements, buildings and materials.


At present, we are working on a second pilot. ABN AMRO's high ambition level is powerful driver for ensuring that each new building reaches higher standards in terms of sustainability. This involves continually reassessing and discussing the design choices made in order to achieve maximum impact. The ABN AMRO project is a unique challenge, one that requires innovation and the team diving deep into the fascinating field of circular and sustainable building. We expect to learn a great deal in the coming period. 


To be continued soon!